TZR250 3MA
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The airjet solenoids are controlled by the CDI, depending on TPS position and RPM.

Knowing this chart, it could be helpful when driving a fixed ignition curve. (by selecting manually the TPS sensor)
Interesting is the closed throttle curve (0 curve), this could help significant the fueling problem as its opening all solenoids until 5000rpm then leaf 1 solenoid open untill 9000rpm then all is closed.
Leaning the bike in the low rpm's till max, and after 9000rpm only one airjet is open (fixed airjet) is quit save

I strongly advise you to not use it on road going bikes.
(Only if you know what you are doing)
On race/track bikes, good results can be made with the use off the closed curve.

Solenoid openings chart from a 3MA-01 CDI

To know witch solenoid is one or two.
In my chart two is clicking when going from closed to full throttle. (engine is switched on but not running)
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