TZR250 3MA
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Bought a 8CH Oscilloscope, the idea is to measure on the CDI
1) IC ignition signal (oem CDI)
2) IC ignition signal (Icp-12)
3) IC pickup signal (oem CDI)
4) IC pickup signal (Icp-12)
5) IC signal low rpm (oem CDI)
6) Pickup signal (at sensor)
7) Ignition signal (coil)
In the hope this will show me the missing data I like to know
Its a wile back, but have the 8 channel oscilloscope working and got some measurements.
First I cleaned up my workshop, as to the more wires needed best to hold a clean with a easy setup
First measurements, let me explain:
Channel 1) yellow: pickup pulse oem IC
Channel 2) light blue: pickup pulse iCP12
Channel 3) deep purple: iCP12 ignition signal
Channel 4) green: oem ignition signal
Channel 5) light blue: thiristor gate signal
Channel 6)
Channel 7)
Channel 8)
I found out with the two Channel oscilloscope that there took a shifting place, but could not get a clear picture on it.
With this scope I can see what is going wrong
Here is a snap shot at 47HZ points measured between pickup pulse and oem ignition pulse
47Hz (1400rpm) oem ic gives about 2.0ms (19 degrees)
Here is a snap shot at 47HZ points measured between pickup pulse and iCP12 ignition pulse
47Hz (1400rpm) oem iCP12 gives about 983us (27 degrees)

Next thing is to find out what is coursing this. Software or hardware problem?
The problem is only there in the low revs, all above 3000rpm is spot on with the oem ignition curve

Here a short movie how it looks on the scope.
Thing to what's is the purple and green line (line 3 and 4 from top)
It should be equally to each other (or close)
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