TZR250 3MA

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Basic ignition curve setup

TZR125 4DL > Ignitech and Zeeltronic

Her I want to write some basic setup lines to get started the correct way.
How to setup a ignition map and ypvs curve

Example curve,
Please do not copy this to any other bike.
It is just made fore explaining the points

Roughly point description

Point 0 to 1) Base advance has nothing to do with the curve (this is the same as the given base advance point and can be forgotten as you set it only till the 300rpm)

Point 2 to 3) Start off the ignition timing where engine runs at idle a check point for the base advance using a timing light (usually till 2000rpm)

Point 3 to 4) To get quickly to the desired advance for the begin mid section, usually this is within a couple hundreds rpm's

Point 4 to 5) Part where engine has to start pulling/rolling the bike this can be set high on a track bike (around the 27/28) but set lower on a road bike (around 23/24) curve usually goes from high (point 4) to a couple degrees lower (point 5)On stock CDI's this part is set very save mostly just around or above the 20 degrees

Point 5 to 6) End mid section more important on road going bikes as it usually is the part where you hold the throttle in traffic so must be safe and therefore lowering from the higher end section off the mid part but not to low as it need to be the jump start for the power section

Point 6 to 7) Begin off the power section till peek power. Very important part off the curve point 7 is set usually on
peek power  (common set on 14/15 degrees)

Point 7 to 8) also an important part of the curve as after peek power you need to drop the advance to keeping overrev possible usually it drops to around 5 degrees within a 1000rpm from point 7 not to quick like Point 2 to 3 but more subtle to ensure the natural power curve behavior.

Point 8 to ending) is most off the time equally around the 5 degrees or slowly getting less to 2 a 3 degrees

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