TZR250 3MA
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For future developments, I have changed the ignition cover.
Made the ignition plate changeable again, this time a bid more then on the road going TZR
Also made a inspection cutout for scope readings

Started with cutting the top off

Almost there

Used a fly cutter to get it nicely round

Also made the ignition plate adjustable

Cut out a inspection window for monitoring the ignition movement.
The check mark is still standing on its original position

I may have weaken the construction a bid but for testing it will hold

The idea is to measure live the ignition curve, so I can check if my measured values are correct.

First setup needs work, but you can already see how the ignition is behaving.
One thing is for sure need a fast reaction scope also on the high RPM's

Made a quick setup
-Scope pointed into the open window
-Rpm meter connected

As you can see, first try is not that good visible on the movie.
But what I can see (also on the movie) that it is moving like it should.

2000rpm its around 17/18 degrees than 20/21 degrees at 3500rpm than moving down will rpm rises.
(Marks are set at two degrees)

Running at idle just for giving a impression

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