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First thing, needed to get hold of thin wires.
I used a old PC connection cable, they have nice colored wires.

A real test for me was to solder those wires to the iCP12
Finally managed to get a hold of it and connected the signals

Here you have the complete setup

A picture of the screen with running (ignition tester)
-Red is the pickup signal
-Yellow the TPS

First values of the pickip and ignition signal on the iCP12

For the firmware testing needed to use the CDI where i hade removed the oem IC and placed a IC socket.
To connect the iCP12 needed tiny pins/needles to place on the IC socked
My solution.

Used needles, my wires where that thin I could use the hole in the needle it self to solder it

Here you have all the needles connected

Connected to the IC socked

Total setup

iCp12 working on CDI (TPS moving)

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