TZR250 3MA
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Here a bid more info about the VHSA32 carb from Dellorto.
This type off carb is developed for different engines (Example: ROTAX)
Because off this is you have various carbs setup's

Here you have a Dellorto designed for the TZR and one for the ROTAX

One change is directly visible and that is on the TZR you have the water cooling circuit

A other good visible differences is the emulsion tube.
On the ROTAX you have a long end, and on the TZR a shorter one.

A big detail is the air jet correction.
The TZR has a small jet
The ROTAX is closed

One the Left TZR it is a fixed jet
One the Right ROTAX it is a open hole (but blocked by the emulsiontube)

Internal you see the difference better.
The TZR uses the bleed type emulsion tube and the ROTAX not

At the close-up you can see the airbleeding type emulsion tube better.
It works the same like a TZR3MA Carb (without the variable airjet correction)

As you can see there is a small differences between the length in needles.
Be careful if you want to swap needles from different carbs. Make sure you use the correct one.

A TZR125 does need a needle of 68mm long. (U23 for a RR an a U21 for a R)
If you use accidentally a shorter one, the needle can jump out off the needlejet at full throttle keeping your slide wide open.
That is not something you want...

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