TZR250 3MA

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Dyno Jollymoto SP

TZR125 Track Bike > Dyno results

Today I tested the Jollymoto SP exhaust

I have chosen the TZR125 SP pipe because my setup is relative close to SP specifications.
Must say, its not bad gained a solid 1HP more,  but had hoped it would be around 2HP more

Also the wide powerband, is something new.
Would be nice to ride, but for me I like it more peek

Started with 165 Main


155 Main


148 Main


Here you have 165, 155 and 148 Main


Here the runs with the changed stock pipe vs the Jollymoto


Its a good working pipe, looking tight.
But for me its needs to perform better.
Will try to create one witch will peek higher

And here a couple off runs

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