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Today tested the ypvs control with the Zeel.
Have changed a three wire servo to a five wire servo as I thought my five wire servo was broke.
Turns out this was not the case, nice to know is that making a 3 to 5 wire works good.

will inform Zeeltronic about this.

I had some lucky shots with 29,7 and 29,5HP but this is with a cooler engine

On average I had 28,7's

Here you see the difference between more advance in the mid section with a better YPVS curve, you can gain quit a lot (green curve)

A small concern is the ignition had some miss firings in the beginning

Here one off the last setup's

Ignition setup                                                                                                                                                YPVS setup (map 1)

Brought the Bike back to my workshop

Ready for some head measurements, as I hope to gain some there

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