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My Eddy current brake is a official one from the firm Siemens
Although it weight quit heavy, the brake power is limited. The frond panel tells a Max of 2KW (about 2,7HP)
The idea for this component is to simulate a road, so it does not need to brake hard just a little bit so I can check the fueling.
Its a siemens 2GA3375-1B
With pulse sensor for RPM
With a small loadcel
24mm shaft
Size comparison
Eddy current brake vs. Powder clutch brake
Update: 28-10-2018

One problem to solve is the difference in shaft diameter
The eddy current has a 24mm and the dyno has a 40mm
My adapter flange plate has 30mm, so needed to make a adapter from 24 to 30mm
Here we go
Starting with a lump piece off steel
Starting on the center hole
Getting close
Final internal diameter 24mm
Ready for cutting a peace out
Fits the shaft.
Fits the flange
All mounted ready to go
Look at that, its a beauty
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