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Dyno > Dyno 2.0
For my new concept I need to build a new dyno frame to hold the drum and brake.
This will be the most time consuming part.
I'm not a guy who plans it all, I just start and see how it is going
Cutting the metal with my new saw.
60x60 3mm thick under 45 degrees
The frame inside the four clamps.
So I can tap and aim it all in the right position
Making it stronger in the corners with a score
There you have the base frame
The wheels can hold up 350kg each.
So a total off 1400kg should be more then enough
First I wanted to bold the wheel onto the frame.
But decided to weld them to give extra strength in the corners
Time to place the drum
After a bid off correcting, got it on its place
Welded it with some extra scores to make sure the Drum stays where it needs to staying
Time to place the 100Nm particle powder brake
Ones that is on it place connect the shaft to Align it all
Here you see how far I came.
Sadly my welding station died so it all came to a stop
Next will be mounting the Drum brake
Still a lot to do, but I will get there
Small change in planes.
When I bought a cheap power supply to test the eddy current brake better it made me enthusiast again.
My first tests where done with a 12V 1,5A power supply, the eddy current brake did work but compared with the powder clutch it was hardy braking.
But with the new power supply I could give it 80V and it really start braking.
One big plus from this eddy current brake is that it can rotate at 3000rpm so that's better than the powder clutch.
And because of that I decided to go ahead with this unit
Here you have the cheap units.
They work, but I need to get one which gives the Voltage and Amperage
To not over power the eddy current brake
It can handle a 2,5A at 180V
Start measuring
Here with M16 studs, who will give the possibility to adjust the unit in height
And there she is mounted.
Not ready yet, but the alignment is good
Works already great at around 40V 1A
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