TZR250 3MA
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Now we know how the incoming IC (pickup) signal works and the outgoing (ignition) signal, it is time to get the iCP12 working properly. With the help off Olivier who is writing the firmware this page is dedicated to get the software working.
All snapshots will be done at 60Hz or 100Hz to keep it all equally
Now we know how the signal should look, we can comparing them with each other.
Here you have the Oem ic at 60Hz, fire point is the same (marked red)
After Connecting iCP12 I could test different firmware.
Here is the 35 degrees static angle with a 19 degrees flat curve, giving a 21 degrees at the timing discs.
(You see the the points are not equally (red marked))
Here we have the 36 static angular with a 19 degrees flat curve is giving me a 19,5 degrees on the timing disc
Getting close
Asked Olivier to make two more test firmware's as we are close one 36,5 static angular and one 37 static angular
Here you see the one with the 36,5 (almost there)
Finally the 37 static angular with a flat 19 degree curve at 60Hz is spot on.
Here is the prove, a nice 19 degrees
Next step is to solve the shifting. When RPM rises the ignition goes from 19 to 18 at 4000rpm. This probably need to be solved with a correction factor.

More to come

More to come
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