TZR250 3MA
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TZR125 4DL SP cylinder. (should be the holy grail from what I read)
Found one witch was not expensive.
Thought that it was damaged because the price was nice.
Listed on Dutch E-bay

The first thing noticed when i got it, is the very small exhaust port.
This is almost smaller than a stock 3MB cylinder.
You can see the space between the exhaust ports.
Its way to big.
This is clearly a imitation

At the outside you don't see anny differences

The GILARDONI is also present.

To show the differences, I look for some real SP cylinders where you clearly see the different Exhaust port.
This port is much wider also the space between the ports is much narrower

Here you see the differences, its a narrow bridge close to a S shape

A real SP port is huge

A bid un-sharp, but you see the big exhaust port and S shape bridge

So think twice before you buy a expensive Imitation SP cylinder.
You see them relative often for sale on E-bay between a 450-650 Euro. (Witch is very expensive)
(Most off the time without Power Valve)

A resent example

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