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I have many ideas and plans to work out, its time to make a todo list.

- Redecorating the workshop, so it has more space to store parts and make it more efficient. Done

- Tuning the TZR125 4DL trackbike so it has a solid +30HP at the rear wheel.

- Setting up the TZR125 4DL roadbike so it has a good power delivery all throughout the rpm range.

-  Making a 4DL hybrid engine with many 3MA parts (cylinder, carb, CDI, etc)

-  Making a special bike with the use off the CRS125 engine

- Make 3MA trackbike 2 ready

- Make 4DL trackbike 1 ready

- Make 3MA trackbike 3 ready

- Workout the TPS idea on the 3MA Test bike (Marlboro bike)

- Make a new dyno (with stack brake, air/fuel ratio etc)

- New tools for the workshop

- Heater for the workshop
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