TZR250 3MA
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Managed to make two reedblocks for testing
Reedblock 1) is a creation from myself.
Reedblock 2) is changed to Martin77 dimensions

These mod's are done because the stock reedblock ar very small, these modifications in combination with the 32mm carb should at least help the engine.
What they do, that's the question and will be tested on the dyno

What a hobby we have, in the snow to the workshop

My modification is just cutting the two bridges

Its easy to do, it wont take long

After smoothing, it is giving a nice open window.

Opened the end a bid, and rounded it off

Smoothing the inlet with a bid off sandpaper

Matin77 design is more specific, they also need the bridges

Smoothing it to certain rounding's, curves and dimensions

It gives more attention to the flow.
Also the bridges are to support the reed's them self in order not to break

As comparison next to each other

The complete open window should theoretical give more, but how long the reeds are holding that is the question

I would say both are interesting to test

Here with 0,35mm carbon reeds

Looking good

Bending the big petal

After measuring the results, I was a little bid disappointed.
You can see the changing's helped in the mid section (gained about 1HP roughly) but on peek power the results where the same.
Even the change between the removed bridge and flowed reedblock was limited (no difference at peek power)
So started to work out where the problem lies

My findings are:

surface Reedblock.
Petal wide open 11mm
Wide window 12,8mm


Surface carb (32mm)

Surface carb (34mm)

So theoretical the reedblock should be big enough for the 32mm carb.
For a 34mm you should enlarge the windows (witch is doable)

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