TZR250 3MA
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Speed limiter.

Have made a test setup.
With the pulse generator, I could generate relative good measuring points.
With steps off about 500rpm.
S=safety (speed limiter)
This movie shows the Speed limiter in action.
The pulse generator give a signal round 12.000rpm.

Me giving the speed limiter signal with a metal tap (below in speedlimiter circuit board)
You see clearly that the ypvs motor is closing the pv's a touch
(estimated 30%)
This movie shows the speed limiter in action.

Me making with the pulse generator steps off about 500rpm.
You see when the PV is fully open (at 9720RPM) and RPM is rising after 10.500rpm the ypvs motor Closes the pv's a touch
When is the Speed limiter active or not?

* Speed limiter not active
The CDI needs to see the metal tap ones (speed limiter signal)
This is checked it two ways
1) Metal tap is seen when bike's ignition is set on.
2) Metal tap is seen before ypvs starts working < 5000RPM

After the CDI has seen the speed limiter signal ones, the free ypvs curve is given and wont close.

* Speed limter active
When no speed Limiter signal is given to the CDI
1) No metal tap is seen
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