TZR250 3MA
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Because my experience with jetting a TZR125 4DL is in a begin stadium.
Therefore mounted a EGT meter to monitor the Exhaust Gas Temperature so I could react if thinks are getting to lean.

For the moment I'm aiming around the 1100F with a stock engine think it will be relative save.

First welding the adapter plug at the exhaust, did it as close as possible and at the side.

Also the EGT meter needs a bracket to hold it in position, so made a quick setup.

Here a shot with meter

Here you have the EGT probe mounted

Also welded a TYGA flange on the tail pipe, in order to mount the TYGA end can.
This with a RVS bracket, gives a nice clean look

As you can see it is working nicely

And ordered a couple off jets.

The 148 is the stock one.
Have made a test run with the 162 but feels to big.
Currently having the 158 so will be nice to see what the EGT tells me about that

And last a shot with running engine to see the working.

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