TZR250 3MA
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I really like my street TZR125, so would like to build me a Track bike to.
To make a long story short, I'm using most parts from my first track bike project.
It was ready for a 95% but it never came completely ready.
Most of it had to do with me starting
new projects, and this one was left behind.
Four years past, and it was still standing at the back off my workshop.

So the choice wasn't that hard. To give it a new live.

Within a couple off hours, the polished TZR125 frame was mounted

The TZR125 RR rear swingarm and CBR shock was plug and play

The SZR660 front end plug and play

Mounted the engine in, with fresh painted brackets to give it a nice tight look

This in combination with my spare RR exhaust, will give it a nice starting point

Small steps are done, mostly is adapting the rear subframe in order to use the 4FL tank.
Just need to do some welding, but most parts do fit.
End can will be a touch higher in the same angular as the rear seat.

Slowly we are getting there

To see the big picture, took the bike outside to see how it looks.
Still a lot to do but happy with the results so far

Running on a original TZR 32mm Dellorto

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