TZR250 3MA
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Here you have some info regarding the ignition curves and YPVS curves from the 3MA-20 CDI
This could be handy for research. (thanks to rappi2000)

Small Note:
After measuring the 3MA-20 CDI it turns out that the ignition curves are exactly the same as a 3MA-10 CDI only the ypvs curve is deferent. (its more towards the sugo ypvs curve)
I thought du to the SP engine the full throttle curve would be lower in order to mach the 45HP outcome (by Japanese law) but somehow this seems not to be the case.

Her you have the 3MA-20 CDI and internal circuit board.         
Her is the 1-Curve 1/4-Curve 0-Curve (for reverence the 1 curve is full throttle curve)
Here you have the YPVS curve.
Note: fully op at 370Hz that is 11400rpm
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