TZR250 3MA
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A nice experiment it to run two CDI units at the same time and compare the outgoing signal agents each other.
The setup is as followed:
1) Connect my two channel pulse generator at the same points
2) Measure the outgoing ignition pulse using the two channel oscilloscope

And the big question is "what is the difference between the SUGO curve and the 0-Curve"

Look and discover
100Hz (3000rpm)
130Hz (3900rpm)
160Hz (4800rpm)
200Hz (6000rpm)
230Hz (6900rpm)
260Hz (7800rpm)
300Hz (9000rpm)
330Hz (9900rpm)
360Hz (10.800rpm)
400Hz (12.000rpm)
430Hz (12.900rpm)
Until 380Hz they are exactly the same, after 380Hz the SUGO CDI is keeping more advance.

380Hz That is around the 11000rpm mark.

You need a whole 3MA-SUGO setup to get the full advantage off the 3MA-70 CDI.
And definitely having pipes that peek around the 11500rpm mark.

So that good old oem CDI isn't that bad, you only need to bypass the speedlimiter.
That's something we currently working on
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