TZR250 3MA
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One thing was for sure I needed to upgrade my work place.
I build it 10 years ago with leftovers from my house renovation so it was time for a makeover for the next 10 years.
Started with building the frame for holding the bikes
(terrible work as I had the drag everything from one corner to a another and back)
Slowly the frame take shape
Looking for the material to clothe the walls
Starting with the walls
With a bid off time it went all right
Sadly we making a big jump as don't have other photos from the build.
Here you see me putting the 125 on its winter place
With a bid off practice, it is done within 10 min.
And there she stands
Four off them standing proudly
From the other side
The 3MA track project to get it close to a 5KE TZ250
The 3MA test bike
The 4DL test bike
The 3MA trackbike 90's look
The current 125 trackbike project
The new work place.
lathe place
Milling and grinding place
From a corner, at the end the welding station
future Electronic place
Wired up the 4 TL-lights all working
Including the 220V for the machinery all are working
Its far from ready, but it is taken shape.
Still a lot to do but the start is there
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