TZR250 3MA
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How to mound the FZR400RR wheel into your 3MA

Original holder

Take 3mm off top

Outside side 3mm off

Center 3mm deeper

Make 45 degrees seeker points at the tops

Make a 3,5 mm spacer (20 X 40 X 3,5 MM)

Take 3mm off the sprocket spacer

Cut all rubbers loss, and grind a way the notches (top and botom) as they are 1,5mm high (given you the 3mm back)

Place them in the fzr wheel (loose of course) and if necessary grind some of the notches at the height of the rubbers

Mount the Sprocket carrier (You can use some silicone on the rubbers to make it glide easier)

Mounted the whole wheel in the 3ma swingarm



Wheel mounted

Front FZR400RR wheel fits straight in.

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