TZR250 3MA
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Limiter bypass electronically.

This is done by given a electronic speed limiter signal.
With the use off a relay.

After some measurements, found that by bypassing the diode, you give the correct signals to the CDI.

Here you see the signal "metal tab between optic"

Here you see the signal "metal tab not between optic"
Here you see me bypassing the diode by holding the wire at the other end (red arrow)
Giving the signal "metal tap between optic"

You need to solder two +/- 15cm  wires at these points
Buy a simple relays, and connect it like followed
86-Natural switch bulb wire (the ground signal)
85-12v natural bulb wire
30-First wire off the bypass diode
87-Second wire off the bypass diode

The idea should work like followed.
1) Turn ignition on. (neutral swish is active green light is burning so is the relays)
2) The controlled relays is giving signal "metal tap between optic" (because it connects 30 and 87 with each other)
3) Ones you put it in first gear, neutral light is off so is the relays and it gives  the signal "metal tap not between optic"

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