TZR250 3MA
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Starting with building the pipes, one must have is a nice 0,7mm steal plate.
Second step is to layout the sheets so you can make two pipes from one plate
The measurements off the cones is at the inside off the green lines.
First cutting them out roughly, so its easier to do the last more precise cutting
Cutting the straight lines, I'll use this type off sheet plate cutter.
Ones all is cut, the cone shape is clearly visible
Of course its a two cylinder, so you need two sets
Starting with rolling the sheets into cones on the small roller
Of course there are more cones to do, so here we go
One off the first cones
Update: 06-12-14
Ones the cone is rolled, welding is the next step
Because I'm a amateur, these welding's are good enough
To get the cones to its dimension's, I'll grind them with a big 300mm grinder.
Ones flat, you can see clearly what it has grind away.
Here you have all the cones for two exhausts.
Need to do some small tapping to get them nicely round.
Then welding is the next step
Update: 13-12-14
Time for welding then up, First I ''tak'' them together
As you can see, I'm not a professional.
Just ''tak'' them until......
You have a complete exhaust ready to weld round
Ones you have done that, the exhausts are almost done.
Next step is making the flanges and end can's mounting point's
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