TZR250 3MA
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Bought a wile back, a 3MA3 Engine.

Oil came off relative clean

Made a quick engine holder, to work easier on the engine

Until now, the engine holder works fine.

Clutch basket removed

Gearbox removed

Split them up

Crank sitting as last

Got the parts back from the pearl blaster

It gives a fresh clean look.

Happy with the results, can start putting it back together

Clean starting point

Crank placed

Checking the markings

With gasket

Top tightened

Gearbox back in

Clutch back in.

Clutch cover placed back

Mounting the pistons, Trusted mitaka's

looking good

Cleaning up a damaged head.
One side came up nice, other side still have marks

Bad side

Found some exhaust flanges

Getting close, but still a lot off work needs to be done

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