TZR250 3MA
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Have a lot of questions regarding pipe dimensions, sadly due to serval PC crashes and a long time not making pipes I lost my notes.
And because currently I'm working on too many projects, the 3MA pipe building has a low priority.
I will pick it up again when my other projects are ready.

But for a start I have bound some info here.
Shorten the stock 3MA-1 pipes with 30mm to rise the peek RPM to match the 0 curve works very well.
Going from:
-Stock 945mm lenght (peek 10.500rpm)
-Shorten to a 915mm length (peek 10.800rpm)
Already made these pipes, sadly haven't tested them jet.
In theory they should work fine.
"Louis ontwerp" --> Black
"Aangepast" --> purple.

Green curve is expirimental no pipe jet.
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