TZR250 3MA
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This year I like to test the Open carb setup.
Do to the small space between carb belly and lower part airbox the carbs having trouble to breath freely.
The distance measured is about 30mm, but the carbs will go a bid inwards to so the free breathing space will be around 25mm and that is not much
First thing to do is removing the airbox completely.
I use small M6 silentblock's for mounting the CDI.
So it can vibrate a bid for saving the internal electronics.

The new setup is a did off guessing as its completely new to me.

With the use off spacers the trouble zone is getting worse, to lean that out went from a Q4 to a P8 Needlejet.
Hope it will be good enough as I will be richen it quit a bid, going from a 240 to a 340 (as a starting point)

At least she have seen the daylight this year.
She is ready to go (with the fairing on of course)
One thing is for sure, the sound is improved.
Now she is singing at the front to.
Will be great when driving
It took me a wile to get a base setting, but managed to get a starting point.
Had to increase the pilot jets to 40 and the pilotairjet correction from 160 to 130
Have the first results, and I'm not disappointed
Got a good 68,2HP at 11.000rpm
Here you have the runs where I ended (with airbox) and where I'm now (with open carbs)
66,5 HP VS 68,2HP
Still some work to do, as it looks like its to rich in the higher RPM.
You can hear it in the movie at around 9500rpm till 11.000rpm (on tacho) it sounds rich
From 11.000rpm till 13.000rpm (tacho) its all good.
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