TZR250 3MA
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Limiter bypass adjusted

This is done by manually adjust the speed limiter activation point.
By shorten the length off the metal tap.
Here you have a uncut metal tap in the speedo meter
It gives the speed limiter signal ones the metal tap is between the optics
The metal tap needs to be seen first so in the rest position it is between the optics
When hitting about 180Kmh the limiter needs to be active so the metal tap is between the optics again
To adjust this point you need to shorten the metal tap by cutting it. Make sure you cut the right side.
Cut the end off the metal tap.
When  shorten the metal tap, the 180Kmh mark is still speed limiter free.
(depends on how much you shorten it but now the speedlimiter is active at about 240kmh)
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