TZR250 3MA
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Start off the ignition plate, Needed a hole for the flywheel to come true

Nice and tight, still a lot off work needs to be done

Had to find a way to know the bold pattern, with the use off a old bearing it worked

With a small tap, on the alu plate. They left nice marks

It bolds on perfectly

Same trick for the pickup location


Need to know what to cut out

And here we have a start, I'm not quit happy with the looks off the pickup.
Perhaps I'll need to make a pickup holder my self.
But it works.
Starting with 0 degree's (oem setup)

1 degree's

2 degree's

3 degree's

Polished the flywheel a bid, in order to lose the big looks.

After some drilling

After some braking

After some grinding

Almost ready

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