TZR250 3MA
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The TA8050P is a servo driver with controls the ypvs motor. The in and out controlling signals are received on pin 1 and 2 from the main IC
On Pin 3 and 5  are the servo + and - signals (control fore the ypvs motor) pin 4 is the ground pin 7 is the 5V supply
Pin 6 should not be connected as it is internally a loose contact.
The big question remains way did YAMAHA connect PIN 6 and 7 witch each other.
This needs a further investigation.
To investigate this, I have to remove the TA8050P
Located in the red circle

Soldering it loose, turns out to be a big challenge
Did managed to remove it
Sadly not completely intact, so have ordered three new TA8050P's. (For testing)
To make sure I didn't need to solder it again, mounted a holder.
Now it will be easier to mound the TA8050P ones it arrives, I just push pin6 away and all should be fine.


Today the Three TA8050P's arrived so I could test the difference between Pin 6 connected and not connected.
The setup is easy as the Chip mounds perfect in the socket
Test results measured with all pins connected. (original setup)
Test results measured with pin 6 not connected. (changed setup)
Test results measured with pin 6 connected at ground. (changed setup)
Sadly there is no difference between the three setup's
Pin 6 seems not to be effected by the voltage given from Pin 7
See the results
Chip TA8050P
All pins connected
Pin 6 not connected
Pin 6 on ground
Fully Open
Fully Open
Fully Open
Fully Closed
Fully Closed
Fully Closed
Fully Open
Fully Open
Fully Open
Speed Limiter
Speed Limiter
Speed Limiter
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