TZR250 3MA
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This will not be new to the 3MA riders that the carb setting is somewhat complicated.
There fore I'm experimenting with some changes.

First thought was lets make those carbs less complicated.
By removing the airjet system completely and go like SUGO style
First experiment was with a brass tube around the emulsion tube.
To close the holes that allows the air to mix inside the tube
Of course you need to block off the airjet intake, with this mode
The brass tube worked, but wanted to have a more solid setup.
So bought the 633 serie, first impression that they are close
But not close enough.
Have machined the top off the 633 emulsion tube, so I have a closed emulsion tube (like SUGO)
Now you can place the 610 needle jet on top of the 633.
It fits and you have a closed emulsion tube. Sugo style

Small note:
The whole setup A is shorter so the main jet comes higher to compensate this I raised the float level a bid
Trying to get a base line on my dyno, brought back the mains to 200/210
Witch sounds a bid logical as there is no air to mixture the mains can go down.

This needs to be tested further on track, where I can monitore the mixture with the EGT
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